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File #: 17-1260   
Type: Street Closures
In control: City Council A Session
On agenda: 3/9/2017
Posting Language: An Ordinance approving the temporary closure of certain streets for the 2017 Fiesta San Antonio celebration; approving the locations, dates and times for the Fiesta Carnival and official Fiesta events with related requirements and conditions including a limited exception of Municipal Code Section 32-30; approving the Fiesta parade routes; and authorizing reimbursement to Fiesta Commission for bleachers along parade routes. [Lori Houston, Assistant City Manager; John Jacks, Interim Director, Center City Development & Operations]
Attachments: 1. 2017 Fiesta Parade Route Map, 2. Draft Ordinance, 3. Ordinance 2017-03-09-0159

DEPARTMENT: Center City Development & Operations                     











2017 Fiesta Street Closures





This ordinance authorizes the closure of certain streets in connection with Fiesta 2017, approves the conditions, dates, times and locations for specified Fiesta events, approves the dates and times for the Fiesta Carnival and related requirements and conditions, approves the Fiesta Parade routes, and authorizes reimbursement to Fiesta Commission not to exceed $108,984.50 for installation and removal of bleachers along parade routes.





The annual Fiesta celebration begins Thursday, April 20, 2017 and runs through Sunday, April 30, 2017.  The map for the Fiesta Parade routes is attached.


On February 21, 2008, the City Council authorized a 10-year contract with the Fiesta Commission of San Antonio and designated the non-profit organization as the planning and coordinating entity for Fiesta.  This agreement expires after Fiesta 2018.  The Fiesta Commission has a multi-year contract with Wade Shows, Inc. (Wade) for operating the Fiesta Carnival.


Each year, the carnival concessionaire is required to coordinate security at the carnival area, maintain operating standards and policies, and ensure that revenue and cleanup requirements are maintained.  This year the carnival hours are indicated in Attachment A.  On November 7, 2013, City Council approved the revenue structure with the Fiesta Commission of San Antonio for Fiesta 2014 to Fiesta 2019. The agreement stipulates that the carnival operator provide a $550,000.00 annual guarantee to the Fiesta Commission, of which the City will receive $50,000.00.  The City will receive 100% of any additional funds generated by the agreement up to $150,000.00.  Funding generated over this amount is split equally between the City and the Fiesta Commission. All funds will be deposited into the City’s General Fund.  


In 2010, the City along with the Fiesta Commission established a pilot Tobacco & Alcohol Free Zone (TAF Zone) where alcohol and tobacco were prohibited along the parade route.  In 2011 the zones were extended to two locations with 1,821 seats.  The TAF Zones have been successful and are recommended again this year.  The TAF Zone located at 100 W. Commerce has 394 seats.  The second TAF Zone is located on N. Alamo from Travis to Houston and includes 1,427 seats.

On January 19, 2012, the City Council authorized prohibiting smoking on city property and within the public right of way along the Texas Cavaliers' River Parade, the Fiesta Battle of Flowers Parade, and the Fiesta Flambeau Parade routes, with the exception of leased patio space along the River Parade route.  The City has coordinated with the Fiesta Commission on public outreach efforts.  In addition, Solid Waste Management Department staff is working with the Fiesta Commission to improve trash collection and recycling efforts along the parade routes.


In the 2008 contract with the Fiesta Commission, the alcohol policy for public Fiesta events specifies that all beverages would be served in a plastic or paper container.  In addition, Municipal Code Section 32-30 specifies these same beverage restrictions for Market Square events.  In an effort to increase recycling and reduce waste, and at the request of the Fiesta Commission, this year all Fiesta events shall be granted an exception to the Municipal Code and Fiesta Commission contract and vendors will be allowed the possession and sale of aluminum bottles at their events.


Per the City’s agreement with the Fiesta Commission, the City and the Fiesta Commission share responsibility for installation of bleachers at multiple sites along the parade routes.  In order to improve efficiency, the Fiesta Commission will be responsible for all bleacher installation this year and the City will reimburse the Fiesta Commission the bleacher installation costs for the City’s areas of responsibility, which include Alamo and Broadway Streets except the portion adjacent to Maverick Park.  The reimbursement will not exceed $108,984.50.


As per the agreement with the Fiesta Commission, the City funds all costs required for traffic control personnel and security along the parade routes including the Battle of Flowers, Fiesta Flambeau Parade, and River parades, as well as the carnival. These expenses are included in the FY 2017 General Fund Budget.





Each year, the City Council considers this item which outlines street closures and requirements for Fiesta and the carnival.





City Council has the option to not approve the proposed ordinance.  Staff would need to find alternative street closures because the Fiesta activities cannot occur without closing various streets downtown.





This ordinance authorizes the City to reimburse the Fiesta Commission in an amount not to exceed $108,984.50 for parade bleacher installation costs along Fiesta parade routes.  Reimbursement funds paid to the Fiesta Commission are budgeted in the General Fund.





Staff recommends approval of the street closures, Fiesta parade routes and carnival operating hours in order to allow the Fiesta activities to occur.