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File #: 19-1901   
Type: Zoning Case
In control: City Council A Session
On agenda: 2/21/2019
Posting Language: ZONING CASE # Z-2018-900056 HL (Council District 3): Ordinance amending the Zoning District Boundary from "R-4 AHOD" Residential Single-Family Airport Hazard Overlay District to "R-4 HL AHOD" Residential Single-Family Historic Landmark Airport Hazard Overlay District on Lot 6, Block 29, NCB 6661, located at 1322 McKinley Avenue. Staff and Zoning Commission recommend Approval.
Attachments: 1. Locaton Map, 2. Office of Historic Preservation Memo, 3. HDRC Recommendation, 4. HDRC Published Exhibits, 5. Zoning Minutes, 6. Draft Ordinance, 7. Ordinance 2019-02-21-0163

DEPARTMENT: Development Services                     


DEPARTMENT HEAD: Michael Shannon





Zoning Case Z-2018-900056 HL



Current Zoning:  "R-4 AHOD" Residential Single-Family Airport Hazard Overlay District


Requested Zoning:  "R-4 HL AHOD" Residential Single-Family Historic Landmark Airport Hazard Overlay District



Zoning Commission Hearing Date:  December 18, 2018


Case Manager:  Kayla Leal, Planner


Property Owner:  Trina Johansen


Applicant:  Office of Historic Preservation


Location:  1322 McKinley Avenue


Legal Description:  Lot 6, Block 29, NCB 6661


Total Acreage:  0.1492


Notices Mailed

Owners of Property within 200 feet:  39

Registered Neighborhood Associations within 200 feet:  Highland Park Neighborhood Association

Applicable Agencies:  Office of Historic Preservation, Planning Department


Property Details

Property History:  The subject property is located within the Original 36-square-mile City Limits of San Antonio and was zoned “B” Residence District. Upon adoption of the 1965 zoning districts, the zoning changed to “R-7” Small Lot Residence District. The zoning converted once more to the current “R-4” Residential Single-Family District upon adoption of the 2001 Unified Development Code, established by Ordinance 93881, dated May 3, 2001.


Topography:  The property does not include any abnormal physical features such as slope or inclusion in a flood plain.


Adjacent Base Zoning and Land Uses

Direction:  North

Current Base Zoning:  R-4

Current Land Uses:  Single-Family Residential


Direction:  East

Current Base Zoning:  R-4

Current Land Uses:  Single-Family Residential


Direction:  South

Current Base Zoning:  R-4

Current Land Uses:  Single-Family Residential


Direction:  West

Current Base Zoning:  R-4

Current Land Uses:  Single-Family Residential


Overlay and Special District Information: 


All surrounding properties carry the "AHOD" Airport Hazard Overlay District, due to their proximity to an airport or approach path.  The "AHOD" does not restrict permitted uses, but can require additional review of construction plans by both the Development Services Department and the Federal Aviation Administration.



Thoroughfare:  McKinley Avenue

Existing Character:  Local Street

Proposed Changes:  None known


Public Transit:  There are bus stops in close proximity to the subject property on South New Braunfels Avenue and Steves Avenue along Bus Routes 32 and 20.


Traffic Impact:  A Traffic Impact Analysis (TIA) Report is not required. The traffic generated by the proposed development does not exceed threshold requirements.


Parking Information:  A Single-Family Dwelling requires one (1) parking space and does not have a maximum.



Costs associated with this designation include zoning application fees of $842.70 and are funded in the Office of Historic Preservation FY 2019 budget. However, the Office of Historic Preservation requests a waiver for all related fees.



Denial of the requested zoning change would result in the subject property retaining the present zoning district designation. The “R-4” base zoning district permits single-family dwellings (detached) with a minimum lot size of 4,000 square feet and a minimum lot width of 35 feet, foster family home, public and private schools.






The subject property is not located within a Regional Center. The subject property is located within a half-mile of the New Braunfels Avenue Premium Transit Corridor.



Staff Analysis and Recommendation: Staff and Zoning Commission (11-0) recommend Approval.


Criteria for Review:  According to Section 35-421, zoning amendments shall be based on the approval criteria below.


1.  Consistency: 

The subject property is located within the Highlands Community Land Use Plan. The proposal is to add “HL” Historic Landmark District as an overlay zoning district without proposing to change base zoning districts, a consistency review is not applicable.


2.  Adverse Impacts on Neighboring Lands: 

Staff has not found evidence of likely adverse impacts on neighboring lands in relation to this zoning change request. The proposed use is consistent with the established development pattern of the surrounding area. The Office of Historic Preservation is proposing a Historic Landmark Overlay District to the subject property. This overlay does not pose likely adverse impacts.


3.  Suitability as Presently Zoned: 

The existing “R-4” base zoning district is appropriate for the surrounding area.


4.  Health, Safety and Welfare: 

Staff has not found any indication of likely adverse effects on the public health, safety, or welfare. The historic landmark overlay is only being proposed for the subject property located at 1322 McKinley Avenue. The overlay for this property does not apply to surrounding properties and does not indicate likely adverse effects.


5.  Public Policy: 

The request does not appear to conflict with any public policy objective. The zoning request is solely to add the “HL” Historic Landmark designation to the subject property.


Relevant Goals and Policies of the SA Tomorrow Comprehensive Plan may include:


                     HPCH Goal 4:                     Historic and cultural preservation is effectively used as a tool for economic development in San Antonio.

                     HPCH Goal 6: San Antonio strategically incentivizes reinvestment in and reuse of landmark buildings and districts to protect those historic resources in accordance with established zoning and design guidelines.

                     HPCH P24: Proactively work with property owners and community groups, especially those in historically underserved areas, to designate new historic landmarks and districts that are valuable to the city.


The proposal to apply the “HL” Historic Landmark designation is consistent with the above listed goals and policies of the SA Tomorrow Comprehensive Plan.


6.  Size of Tract: 

The 0.1492 acre site is of sufficient size to accommodate the proposed development.


7.  Other Factors: 

On November 7, 2018, the Historic and Design Review Commission approved a Finding of Historic Significance, identifying the property as historically significant based on criteria listed in Section 35-607 (b) of the Unified Development Code. The three criteria identified as being applicable to the subject property are specified below. The property owner submitted the application for and supports Historic Landmark designation.


The Office of Historic Preservation is submitting the rezoning request on behalf of the property owner. The Office of Historic Preservation worked with the applicant on this rezoning request and supports Approval of the added “HL” Historic Landmark designation.


1322 McKinley meets UDC criterion [35-607(b)5], [35-607 (b)7], and [35-607 (b)13], for a finding of historic significance in the process of seeking designation as a local historic landmark. In order to be eligible for landmark designation, a property must meet at least three of the criteria; 1322 McKinley meets three.

5.                     Its embodiment of distinguishing characteristics of an architectural style valuable for the study of a period, type, method of construction, or use of indigenous materials;1322 McKinley is a French Eclectic residence with character-defining features such as its varied roof forms, tower, tall chimney, and overall asymmetry-notably, the main entrance is not located on the tower, which is unusual for this style;

7.                     Its unique location or singular physical characteristics that make it an established or familiar visual feature; 1322 McKinley is one of the first homes built on the block and the only home on the block with a tower; its French Eclectic style that distinguishes it from the other Craftsman, Tudor, and post-war structures on its block; and it contributes to neighborhood continuity due to minimal and largely reversible interventions to its primary façade;

13.                     It is distinctive in character, interest or value; strongly exemplifies the cultural, economic, social, ethnic or historical heritage of San Antonio, Texas or the United States; prominent and long-time southside residents William and Martha Calvert were the first owners.