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File #: 18-6950   
Type: City Code Amendments
In control: City Council A Session
On agenda: 2/14/2019
Posting Language: Ordinance on behalf of the San Antonio Water System amending certain sections of Chapter 34 of the City Code "Water and Sewers" to comply with recent amendments to federal regulations. [Peter Zanoni, Deputy City Manager; Razi Hosseini, Interim Director, Transportation & Capital Improvements]
Attachments: 1. 26 Amendments to Chap 34_Resolution 18-207_091118, 2. ART_V_DIVISION_3_INDUSTRIAL WASTE, 3. ART_V_DIVISION_5_SEC 518, 4. ART_VI_DIVISION 5_SEC 24 702 MS4, 5. ART_VI_DIVISION_5_SUBDIVISION B_STORMWATER CONSTRUCTION, 6. ART_VI_DIVISION_8_BACKFLOW PREVENTION, 7. ART_II_DIVISION _6_SEC 131C1, 8. Draft Ordinance, 9. Ordinance 2019-02-14-0123, 10. Staff Presentation
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DEPARTMENT:  Transportation & Capital Improvements



DEPARTMENT HEAD:  Razi Hosseini, P.E., R.P.L.S.






SUBJECT:  Code Amendment: Water & Sewer Modifications to Ch. 34





TCI requests, on behalf of San Antonio Water System (SAWS), City Council pass an ordinance adopting amendments to Chapter 34. The amendments are required to meet new Federal and State requirements, streamline and modify program processes, and clarify existing wording for regulatory purposes.





SAWS is required by Federal and State regulations to implement programs to reduce or eliminate the discharge of harmful pollutants into the Sanitary Sewer System and the Municipal Separate Storm Sewer System (MS4). Programs for pretreatment; fats, oils, and grease (FOG); storm water; and backflow prevention are codified in Chapter 34, Articles II, V and VI.  The proposed ordinance amends these Articles to be in compliance with Federal and State requirements.





SAWS has six (6) sections of Chapter 34 required to be amended to either meet new Federal and State requirements, streamline/modify program processes to meet regulatory requirements or to provide clarification to existing wording for regulatory purposes.  None of these changes will have any increase in fees or additional costs associated. The proposed changes are summarized below.


                     Chapter 34, Article VI, Division 8 (Backflow Prevention Program)

o                     Update verbiage and references (e.g.  Chapter 24 to Chapter 10 for plumbing code)

o                     Establish a standardized date (June 30th) to submit annual test reports for each backflow prevention assembly.

o                     Require testers to submit tests within 10 days of testing (adopting current state rule).

o                     Consider testers as property owner representatives.

o                     Promote the use of an online test submittal process with a potential to waive current submittal fees if test reports are submitted online.

                     Chapter 34, Article V, Division 3 (Pretreatment Program)

o                     Modify code to add a new EPA mandated regulation for Dental offices regarding the proper collection and disposal of dental amalgam (Mercury).

o                     Require dental offices to register with SAWS and meet state and federal regulations listed within the code updates.

o                     Update verbiage to bring consistency throughout the code to define SAWS as the Control Authority.

                     Chapter 34, Article VI, Division 5 (Construction Storm Water)

o                     Amend for clarification of references for registered/certified professionals for the Construction Storm Water Program. SAWS removed some wording that was causing confusion on the qualifications for inspectors who conduct work regarding Storm Water construction inspections including all erosion/sedimentation controls.

                     Chapter 34, Article V, Division 4 (Fats, Oils and Grease Program)

o                     Update verbiage in Section 518 to bring consistency throughout the code to define SAWS as the Control Authority.

                     Chapter 34, Article VI, Division 5 (Storm Water Program)

Update the prohibited discharge listing to protect the Municipal Separate Storm Sewer System (MS4). These items are to be added to protect water quality and capacity of the MS4.

o                     (7) Any soil, soil material, sediment, rock, gravel or other pollutants in such quantities to reduce the capacity or to cause an obstruction of the MS4.

o                     (8) Any paint, paint rinse water, waste from vacuum and carpet cleaning, Sharps, needles or medical waste, automotive fluids (such as motor oil, antifreeze or gear oil), wastewater from food trucks, greasetrap waste or grit trap wastes from carwashes in any amount above de minimis quantities.

                     Chapter 34, Article II, Division 6 (Fire Hydrant Meter Program)

o                     Change the required frequency for the re-calibration of hydrant meters from every six months to every twelve (12) months from the original date of the customer's fire hydrant meter contract.




Council could choose not approve the ordinance; however, SAWS regulations would not be in compliance with federal and state regulations. Violation of the regulations could result in a State administrative order and/or penalties. These could affect the City’s compliance history and future permitting.





Approval of this ordinance has no fiscal impact to the City of San Antonio. There are no fee increases associated with this ordinance.





Staff recommends approval of this ordinance to modify Chapter 34, Articles II, V and VI.