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File #: 19-5632   
Type: Zoning Case
In control: City Council A Session
On agenda: 8/22/2019
Posting Language: ZONING CASE Z-2019-10700175 (Council District 4): Assigning zoning to property located Outside the City Limits to "I-1 MLOD-2 MLR-1 AHOD" General Industrial Lackland Military Lighting Overlay Military Lighting Region 1 Airport Hazard Overlay District on Lots 3 and 4, Block 2, CB 4301A, located at 11000 Fischer Road. Staff and Zoning Commission recommend Approval, pending the Plan Amendment. (Associated Plan Amendment PA-2019-11600048)
Attachments: 1. Location Map, 2. Zoning Minutes, 3. Draft Ordinance, 4. Ordinance 019-08-22-0663
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DEPARTMENT: Planning Department                     







Zoning Case Z-2019-10700175

(Plan Amendment Case PA-2019-11600048)



Current Zoning:  Outside the City Limits


Requested Zoning:  "I-1 MLOD-2 MLR-1 AHOD" General Industrial Lackland Military Lighting Overlay Military Lighting Region 1 Airport Hazard Overlay District



Zoning Commission Hearing Date:  August 6, 2019


Case Manager:  Kayla Leal, Senior Planner


Property Owner:  Maruchan Texas, Inc. and the City of San Antonio


Applicant:  City of San Antonio


Location:  11000 Fischer Road


Legal Description:  Lot 3 and Lot 4, Block 2, CB 4301A


Total Acreage:  54.993


Notices Mailed

Owners of Property within 200 feet:  13

Registered Neighborhood Associations within 200 feet:  None

Applicable Agencies:  Lackland Air Force Base


Property Details

Property History:  In June 2012, the City Council approved a five-year Industrial District Non-Annexation Agreement (IDA) with Maruchan Texas, Inc., through Ordinance No. 2012-06-14-045. The subject property was originally platted on March 1, 2013. The IDA and fire agreement were amended and extended in May 2016 until the end of 2018.  In the amended IDA, Maruchan exchanged 2.057 acres of land with the City of San Antonio for the construction of a new fire station, a small fee and continued fire services. The property was replatted on December 23, 2016 to exchange a portion of land for construction of the fire station.


Topography:  The property does not include any abnormal physical features such as slope or inclusion in a flood plain.


Adjacent Base Zoning and Land Uses

Direction:  North

Current Base Zoning:  L, I-1

Current Land Uses:  Industrial Use, Vacant Lot, Loop 410,


Direction:  East

Current Base Zoning:  C-3

Current Land Uses:  Car Dealership (North Park Toyota), Athletic Field and a Vacant Lot


Direction:  South

Current Base Zoning:  OCL, C-3, MI-1

Current Land Uses:  Housing Structures, and a Warehouse


Direction:  West

Current Base Zoning:  I-1, I-2

Current Land Uses:  Truck Fueling Station and Industrial Uses


Overlay and Special District Information: 


All surrounding properties carry the "MLOD-2" Military Lighting Overlay District, due to their proximity to Lackland Air Force Base.  The "MLOD-2" does not restrict permitted uses, but does regulate outdoor lighting in an effort to minimize night-time light pollution and its effects on operations at the military installation.



All surrounding properties carry the "AHOD" Airport Hazard Overlay District, due to their proximity to an airport or approach path.  The "AHOD" does not restrict permitted uses, but can require additional review of construction plans by both the Development Services Department and the Federal Aviation Administration.



Thoroughfare:  Fischer Road

Existing Character:  Secondary Arterial Type A

Proposed Changes:  None known


Thoroughfare:  Quintana Road

Existing Character:  Local Road

Proposed Changes:  None known


Public Transit:  There are no nearby VIA bus stations within walking distance.


Traffic Impact:  A Traffic Impact Analysis (TIA) Report is not required. The traffic generated by the development does not exceed the threshold.


Parking Information:  Food product manufacturing requires a minimum of one (1) parking space per 1,500 square-feet of the Gross Floor Area (GFA) up to a maximum of one (1) parking space per 300 square-feet of the GFA.






Denial of the requested zoning change would result in the subject property being assigned “DR” Development Reserve District, which only permits “R-6” uses upon annexation.






The subject property is not located within a Regional Center nor is it located within a half-mile of a Premium Transit Corridor.  The subject property is located within the proposed Far Southwest Community Plan Area, which is a Phase 5 plan area related to implementation of the SA Tomorrow Comprehensive Plan.



Staff Analysis and Recommendation: Staff and Zoning Commission (8-0) recommend Approval, pending the plan amendment.  


Criteria for Review:  According to Section 35-421, zoning amendments shall be based on the approval criteria below.


1.  Consistency: 

The subject property is located within the United Southwest Communities Land Use Plan and is currently designated as “Regional Commercial” in the land use component of the plan. The requested “I-1” base zoning district is not consistent with the adopted land use designation. There is an associated Plan Amendment request, which was heard by the Planning Commission on July 24, 2019. The proposed request is to allow a “Light Industrial” land use classification on Lot 3 and a “Public/Institutional” land use classification on Lot 4. Staff and Planning Commission recommend Approval of the plan amendment request.


2.  Adverse Impacts on Neighboring Lands: 

Staff has not found evidence of likely adverse impacts on neighboring lands in relation to this zoning change request. The proposed use is consistent with the established development pattern of the surrounding area.


3.  Suitability as Presently Zoned: 

There is no assigned zoning to the property due to it being located outside of the city’s limits.


4.  Health, Safety and Welfare: 

Staff has not found any indication of likely adverse effects on the public health, safety, or welfare. The food manufacturing use is currently on the property and is located in a predominately-industrial area.


5.  Public Policy: 

The request does not appear to conflict with any public policy objective. The request is consistent with the United Southwest Communities Plan and reinforces Goal 1 for Economic Development, which is to attract businesses, services, and retail establishments to the area. Furthermore, Objective 1.1, Action Step 1.1.2 of the plan states to locate and build industrial and commercial development along IH-35 South and along Fischer Road.


6.  Size of Tract: 

The 54.993-acre site is of sufficient size to accommodate the development. The food manufacturing business is already developed and established on the property.


7.  Other Factors: 

The subject property is located within the Lackland AFB Awareness Zone/Military Influence Area.  In accordance with the signed Memorandum of Understanding, JBSA was notified of the proposed request.