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File #: 19-6873   
Type: Miscellaneous Item
In control: City Council A Session
On agenda: 10/3/2019
Posting Language: Ordinance approving a contract with the Center for Common Concerns/HomeBase in the amount of $128,898.00 to conduct a comprehensive Homeless Strategic Plan for the period of October 3, 2019 through September 30, 2019. Funds for this contract are included in the FY 2020 General Fund Adopted Budget. [Colleen M. Bridger, MPH, PhD, Assistant City Manager; Melody Woosley, Director, Human Services]
Attachments: 1. Homelss Strategic Plan Consultant HomeBase Award Letter, 2. Contracts Disclosure Form, 3. FINAL SCORE Summary Matrix - RFP 19-082 Homeless Strategic Plan Consultant
Related files: 19-7553
DEPARTMENT: Human Services



SUBJECT: Authorization of a contract with The Center for Common Concerns


This ordinance authorizes approval of a contract with The Center for Common Concerns/ HomeBase for the purpose of conducting a comprehensive Homeless Strategic Plan for the City of San Antonio Department of Human Services. The funds allocated for this contract are up to $128,898, which includes $25,000 for additional negotiated deliverables depending on needs following community assessments and stakeholder coordination.

In January 2019, City staff at the request of City Council provided a work plan to identify short-term and long-term sustainability options as part of a broader strategy to address homelessness.

Phase I was designed to obtain feedback from stakeholders on funding alternatives and a community strategic plan addressing homelessness.

Phase II involves conducting an assessment of homeless services, identifying gaps in those services and developing, in consultation with our stakeholders, a comprehensive strategic plan for addressing those gaps. This phase would require the professional services of a homeless professional to assist the City and stakeholders with this review.

During the mid-year budget review, City Council approved an allocation of $200,000 from the general fund operating contingency reserve to fund a comprehensive assessment of homeless services, identify gaps in those services and develop, in consultation with our stakeholders, a community strategic plan for addressing those gaps.

Homelessness is a priority concern in San Antonio and across the nation. The 2019 Homeless Point in Time (PIT) indicated a 6% reduction in overall homelessness, a 12% reduction in unsheltered homelessness, a 6% reduction in the number of Veterans experiencing homelessness. The results also indicated an 18% increase in the number of families...

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