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File #: 20-6355   
Type: Plan Amendment
In control: City Council A Session
On agenda: 11/5/2020
Posting Language: PLAN AMENDMENT CASE PA-2020-11600059 (Council District 10): Ordinance amending the North Sector Plan, a component of the Comprehensive Master Plan of the City, by changing the future land use from “Regional Center" to "Specialized Center" on Lot P-3A, Lot P-5A, Lot P-6, Lot P-3B and Lot P-5, NCB 15911, generally located in the 11600 block of Crosswinds Way. Staff and Planning Commission recommend Approval. (Associated Zoning Case Z2020-10700198)
Attachments: 1. Map, 2. Signed Resolution, 3. Draft Ordinance, 4. Ordinance 2020-11-05-0819
Related files: 20-5774, 20-6356

DEPARTMENT: Development Services                     


DEPARTMENT HEAD: Michael Shannon





Plan Amendment PA2020-11600059

(Associated Zoning Case Z2020-10700198)



Comprehensive Plan Component:  North Sector Plan 


Plan Adoption Date:  August 5, 2010


Current Land Use Category:  “Regional Center"


Proposed Land Use Category:  "Specialized Center"



Planning Commission Hearing Date:  September 23, 2020


Case Manager:  Victoria Castro, Planner


Property Owner:  Sirizzotti Family Limited Partnership & GT Sirizzott, Ltd.


Applicant:  Killen, Griffin & Farrimond, PPLC


Representative:  Killen, Griffin & Farrimond, PPLC


Location:  Generally located in the 11600 block of Crosswinds Way


Legal Description:  Lot P-3A, Lot P-5A, Lot P-6, Lot P-3B and Lot P-5, NCB 15911


Total Acreage:  41.36


Notices Mailed

Owners of Property within 200 feet:  12

Registered Neighborhood Associations within 200 feet:  None

Applicable Agencies:  Randolph Air Force Base, Planning Department and Texas Department of Transportation



Thoroughfare:  Crosswinds Way

Existing Character:  Secondary Arterial A

Proposed Changes:  None known


Thoroughfare:  Interstate Highway 35 North

Existing Character:  Interstate

Proposed Changes:  None known


Public Transit:  VIA bus route are not within walking distance of the subject property



Comprehensive Plan

Comprehensive Plan Component: North Sector Plan

Plan Adoption Date: August 5, 2010


Plan Goals:

Goal ED-2 Strong and stable medical and research industries that promote economic

stability in the North Sector.

ED-2.3 Support, stimulate, and foster increased activity of existing businesses within the North Sector including but not limited to finance, insurance, real estate, medical, cyber security, research and development.

Goal LU-3 Higher density/intensity

LU-3.1 Set priority for pursuing a compatible and highest and best use for development of vacant infill and underutilized parcels between Loop 1604 and Loop 410 in a compatible manner as recommended in the Sector Land Use Plan.

LU-3.3 Promote job growth in the Specialized, Regional, and Mixed Use Centers to achieve the City’s diversified business targets through land use guidance and economic incentives.


Comprehensive Land Use Categories

Land Use Category:  “Regional Center"

Description of Land Use Category: Regional Center accommodates the most intense commercial uses and should be located at the intersection of Expressways and Major Arterials. Serving a regional market, streets need to accommodate large volumes of automobile traffic traveling to, and within, the development. Internal access and circulation is important. Pedestrians and Bicycles should be able to travel safely within the development. Transit is encouraged.

NON-RESIDENTIAL: Regional Commercial, Office

Generally: “Big box” or “power centers”, shopping malls, movie theaters, hospitals, office complexes, laboratories, wholesalers, and light manufacturing.

Permitted Zoning Districts:  MF-25, MF-33, O-1, O-1.5, O-2, C-2, C-2P, C-3, UD


Land Use Category:  "Specialized Center"

Description of Land Use Category: Heavy Industrial uses should be located near expressways, arterials, and railroad line. This use is not compatible with residential

uses. Business/Office Park uses should take the form of a cohesive, campus setting with

adequate open space and pedestrian walkways between or around buildings. Residential uses should be separated with landscape buffers.

NON-RESIDENTIAL: Heavy Industrial, Business / Office Park

Generally: Manufacturing, wholesaling, warehouses, office parks, laboratories, and regional retail/services

Permitted Zoning Districts:  0-1.5, 0-2, BP, I-1, I-2, MI-1, MI-2, SGD, QD


Land Use Overview

Subject Property

Future Land Use Classification:

"Specialized Center"

Current Land Use Classification:

Vacant Land


Direction:  North

Future Land Use Classification:

“Regional Center" and "Specialized Center"

Current Land Use Classification:

Martinez Auto Center, Valero Gas Station, Mini-Warehouse and Vacant Land


Direction:  East

Future Land Use Classification:

“Regional Center"

Current Land Use Classification:

Vacant Land, Sonic, Kwik Kar Lube & Tune, Taco Bell, Jim’s Restaurant, Tire Centers and Mi Casa Inn & Suites


Direction:  South

Future Land Use Classification:


Current Land Use Classification: 

Interstate Highway 35 North


Direction:  West

Future Land Use Classification:

“Agribusiness Tier” and “Regional Center"

Current Land Use: 

Vacant Land and Business & Tech Office Park





Proximity to Regional Center/Premium Transit Corridor

The subject property is not within a Regional Center and is not within the Premium Transit Corridor. 



Staff Analysis & Recommendation: Staff and Planning Commission (6-0) recommend Approval.

The applicant seeks a Plan Amendment from “Regional Center" to "Specialized Center", to rezone for a Distribution Center. The proposed "Specialized Center" land use designation is fitting for this vacant and underutilized parcel, which is surrounded by numerous industrial and commercial uses. The location is also ideal, since the property fronts to an arterial on the north side and to an expressway on south side.


North Sector Plan Criteria for review:

                     The recommended land use pattern identified in the North Sector Plan inadequately provides appropriate optional sites for the land use change proposed in the amendment.

                     The amendment must constitute an overall improvement to the North Sector Plan and will not solely benefit a particular landowner or owners at a particular point in time.

                     The amendment must uphold the vision for the future of the North Sector Plan.

The amendment will not adversely impact a portion of, or the entire Planning Area by;

                     Significantly altering acceptable existing land use patterns, especially in established neighborhoods.

                     Affecting the existing character (i.e. visual, physical, and functional) of the immediate area.

                     Creating activities that are not compatible with adjacent neighboring uses, and, particularly, the mission of Randolph Air Force Base.

                     Significantly alter recreational amenities such as open space, parks, and trails.



1.                     Recommend Denial of the proposed amendment to the North Sector Plan, as presented above.

2.                     Make an Alternate Recommendation.

3.                     Continue to a future date.



Current Zoning:  "C-3 IH-1 AHOD" General Commercial Northeast Gateway Corridor Airport Hazard Overlay District and "C-3 AHOD" General Commercial Airport Hazard Overlay District

Proposed Zoning:  "L IH-1 AHOD" Light Industrial Northeast Gateway Corridor Airport Hazard Overlay District and "L AHOD" Light Industrial Airport Hazard Overlay District

Zoning Commission Hearing Date:  October 6, 2020