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File #: 21-2876   
Type: Plan Amendment
In control: City Council A Session
On agenda: 5/6/2021
Posting Language: PLAN AMENDMENT CASE PA-2020-11600079 (Council District 2): Ordinance amending the Eastern Triangle Community Plan, a component of the Comprehensive Master Plan of the City, by changing the future land use from “Community Commercial,” “Business Park,” and “Parks Open Space" to "Business Park" on 12.036 acres out of NCB 10615, located at 418 Southeast Loop 410. Staff and Planning Commission recommend Approval. (Associated Zoning Case Z-2020-10700299) (Continued from April 1, 2021)
Attachments: 1. Map, 2. Signed Resolution, 3. Draft Ordinance, 4. Metes and Bounds, 5. Ordinance 2021-05-06-0310

DEPARTMENT: Development Services                     


DEPARTMENT HEAD: Michael Shannon





Plan Amendment PA 2020-11600079

(Associated Zoning Case Z-2020-10700299)



Comprehensive Plan Component:  Eastern Triangle Community Plan 


Plan Adoption Date:  May 21, 2009


Current Land Use Category: “Community Commercial”, “Business Park”, and “Parks Open Space”


Proposed Land Use Category: “Business Park”



Planning Commission Hearing Date:  January 27, 2021


Case Manager:  Justin Malone, Planner


Property Owner: Boralis Inc.


Applicant:  Oakmont Industrial Group IV, LLC


Representative:  Brown & Ortiz


Location: 418 Southeast Loop 410


Legal Description:  12.036 acres out of NCB 10615


Total Acreage:  12.036 acres


Notices Mailed

Owners of Property within 200 feet:  10

Registered Neighborhood Associations within 200 feet:  None

Applicable Agencies:  Martindale Army Airfield, Texas Department of Transportation



Thoroughfare:  Loop 410

Existing Character:  Expressway

Proposed Changes:  None


Public Transit: VIA bus routes are not within walking distance.

Routes Served: None



Comprehensive Plan

Comprehensive Plan Component: Eastern Triangle Community Plan 

Plan Adoption Date:  May 2009


Economic Development Goal 7: Create a community wide economic development plan

                     Objective 7.2: Attract new businesses to the Eastern Triangle


Economic Development Goal 8: Expand and build thriving commercial corridors

                     Objective 8.1 Identify specific corridors for revitalization and develop strategic plans for redevelopment


Comprehensive Land Use Categories

Land Use Category:  “Community Commercial”

Description of Land Use Category:

Community Commercial provides for offices, professional services, and retail uses of moderate intensity and impact. Examples of uses include a grocery store, a medical office, music store, shoe store, nursery, or mailing services store. Community Commercial should be located along arterials, preferably at intersections with other arterials or collectors and can serve as an appropriate buffer between low, medium, and high-density residential uses, or between an arterial and low density residential.

Permitted Zoning Districts:  NC, O-1, O-1.5, C-1, C-2, & C-2P


Land Use Category:  “Business Park”

Description of Land Use Category:

A Business Park provides employment or civic uses interspersed with open space areas and pedestrian walkways in campus settings. This land use classification is designed for business uses, which carry on their operation in enclosed facilities in such a manner that no negative impact is created outside of the boundaries of the business park. Business parks should be separated from residential areas with landscaping areas and should feature lighting and signage control. Business park uses include customer service centers, corporate offices, light manufacturing, and warehouse uses. Accessory uses may include on-site cafeterias, daycare facilities, incidental retail, and other uses for the convenience and service of occupants of the business park.

Permitted Zoning Districts: O-1.5, O-2, C-2, C-3, BP & L


Land Use Category:  “Parks Open Space”

Description of Land Use Category:

Parks Open Space includes large, or linear, unimproved land where conservation is promoted and development is not encouraged due to presence of topographic constraints or institutional uses on the site. Parks Open Space include flood plains, utility corridors, public and private land uses that encourage outdoor passive or active recreation. Examples include City pocket, regional, or linear parks, as well as private parks associated with subdivisions and neighborhood associations.

Permitted Zoning Districts: NA


Land Use Overview

Subject Property

Future Land Use Classification:

“Community Commercial”, “Business Park”, “Parks Open Space”

Current Land Use Classification:

Vacant Land


Direction:  North

Future Land Use Classification:

“Business Park”, “Community Commercial”

Current Land Use Classification:

Freight Forwarding Service, Alternative Fuel Station


Direction:  East

Future Land Use Classification:

“Parks Open Space”

Current Land Use Classification:

Vacant Land


Direction:  South

Future Land Use Classification:

“Parks Open Space”, “Business Park”, “Community Commercial”, “Urban Living”

Current Land Use Classification:

Trailer Rental Service, Construction Equipment Supplier, Vacant Land


Direction:  West

Future Land Use Classification:

“Community Commercial”, Loop 410

Current Land Use Classification:

Vacant Land, Expressway





Proximity to Regional Center/Premium Transit Corridor

The property is not within a Regional Center nor is it within a Premium Transit Corridor.



Staff analysis & Recommendation:  Staff and Planning Commission (8-0) recommend Approval.


The applicant seeks a Plan Amendment from “Community Commercial”, “Business Park”, and “Parks Open Space” to “Business Park” to rezone and develop a Warehouse with a Distribution Center.  The proposed location along Loop 410 is appropriate for a Warehouse Distribution Center.  The “Business Park” land use category is consistent with the area and allows the “L” Light Industrial zoning district.



1.                     Recommend Denial of the proposed amendment to the Eastern Triangle Community Plan, as presented above.

2.                     Make an alternate recommendation.

3.                     Continue to a future date.




Current Zoning: “NP-10” Neighborhood Preservation and “C-3NA” General Commercial Nonalcoholic Sales District

Proposed Zoning: “L” Light Industrial District

Zoning Commission Hearing Date:  February 2, 2020