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File #: 21-2951   
Type: Zoning Case
In control: City Council A Session
On agenda: 5/6/2021
Posting Language: ZONING CASE Z-2021-10700019 (Council District 3): Ordinance amending the Zoning District Boundary from “DR” Development Reserve District and "DR AHOD" Development Reserve Airport Hazard Overlay District to “R-4” Residential Single-Family District and "R-4 AHOD" Residential Single-Family Airport Hazard Overlay District (All Overlays Remain the Same) on 31.1280 acres out of CB 5161, located at 10891 Southton Road. Staff and Zoning Commission recommend Approval.
Attachments: 1. Map, 2. Draft Ordinance, 3. Metes and Bounds, 4. Zoning Minutes, 5. Ordinance 2021-05-06-0313

DEPARTMENT: Development Services                     


DEPARTMENT HEAD: Michael Shannon





Zoning Case Z-2021-10700019



Current Zoning: “DR” Development Reserve District and "DR AHOD" Development Reserve Airport Hazard Overlay District


Requested Zoning: “R-4” Residential Single-Family District and "R-4 AHOD" Residential Single-Family Airport Hazard Overlay District



Zoning Commission Hearing Date:  April 6, 2021


Case Manager:  Justin Malone, Planner


Property Owner:  RC Heritage Oaks, LLC


Applicant:  RC Heritage Oaks, LLC


Representative:  Killen, Griffin & Farrimond, PLLC


Location:  10891 Southton Road


Legal Description:  31.1280 acres out of CB 5161


Total Acreage:  31.1280


Notices Mailed

Owners of Property within 200 feet:  30

Registered Neighborhood Associations within 200 feet:  None

Applicable Agencies:  Stinson Airport


Property Details

Property History:  The subject property was annexed into the City of San Antonio by Ordinance 201912121071, dated December 12, 2019 and was originally zoned “DR” Development Reserve district.


Topography:  The property does not include any abnormal physical features such as slope, but there are portions within the flood plain.


Adjacent Base Zoning and Land Uses

Direction:  North

Current Base Zoning: “FR”, “MPCD”

Current Land Uses:  Vacant Land, Single Family Residential


Direction:  South

Current Base Zoning: “RM-6”

Current Land Uses:  Single-Family Residential, Vacant Land


Direction:  East

Current Base Zoning: “OCL”

Current Land Uses:  Vacant Land


Direction:  West

Current Base Zoning: “DR”

Current Land Uses:  Vacant Land


Overlay and Special District Information: 




Thoroughfare: Southton Road

Existing Character: Secondary Arterial

Proposed Changes:  None known


Public Transit:  VIA bus routes are not within walking distance of the subject property.


Traffic Impact:  A Traffic Impact Analysis (TIA) is required.


Parking Information:  The minimum parking requirement for single-family dwellings is 1 space per unit.






Current:  The present zoning district designation of “DR” Development Reserve is a temporary zoning classification for newly-annexed property. While use restrictions are imposed pursuant to the “DR” district, it is recognized that the annexed property may be compatible for a use permitted in any zoning district and it is the policy of the City to rezone the property to an appropriate zoning classification as soon as practicable.


Proposed:  The proposed “R-4” Residential Single-Family zoning district includes single-family homes and accessory-dwellings on a single lot and are ideally within walking distance of schools and neighborhood commercial uses. It also includes lower impact community-oriented uses such as churches, parks, or community centers.






The subject property is not within a Regional Center or located within the Premium Transit Corridor. 



Staff Analysis and Recommendation: Staff and Zoning Commission (10-0) recommend Approval.


Criteria for Review:  According to Section 35-421, zoning amendments shall be based on the approval criteria below.


1.  Consistency: 

The subject property is located within the Heritage South Sector Plan and is currently designated as “Suburban Tier” in the future land use component of the plan. The requested “R-4” base zoning district is consistent with the adopted land use.


2.  Adverse Impacts on Neighboring Lands: 

Staff does not find evidence of likely adverse impacts on neighboring lands in relation to this zoning change request.  The proposed “R-4” Residential Single-Family is an appropriate zoning and is consistent with adjacent zoning districts and uses.


3.  Suitability as Presently Zoned: 

The current “DR” Development Reserve District is appropriate zoning for large lots and farming with or without development. The proposed “R-4” is appropriate in density for the area and will provide housing options. It is also consistent with the current land development pattern.


4.  Health, Safety and Welfare: 

Staff has not found indication of likely adverse effects on the public health, safety, or welfare.


5.  Public Policy: 

The proposed rezoning does not appear to conflict with the following goals, principles, and objectives of the Heritage South Sector Plan:


                     GOAL HOU-I: An array of housing choices throughout the area with an appropriate mix of densities and housing types


o                     Strategies HOU-1.1: Encourage a mix of housing types, including multi-family homes, custom homes, garden homes, and single-family detached homes to provide “life cycle” housing options (ranging from college students, young adults, families, and retired/senior) within the area

o                     Strategies HOU-1.3: Promote clustered housing including Conservation Subdivision Development and large lot development in rural areas


                     GOAL HOU-2: Existing and new housing that apply sustainable design, operations, and maintenance practices to maintain affordability, quality, and choice.

o                     Strategies HOU-2.3: Promote Heritage South as an area of choice for prospective home buyers


6.  Size of Tract: 

The subject property is 32.128 acres, which could reasonably accommodate a residential single-family housing development.


7.  Other Factors: 

The applicant is rezoning to develop a single-family residential subdivision. This is potentially 100 residential units based on the noted acreage.