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File #: 21-2849   
Type: Real Property Lease
In control: City Council A Session
On agenda: 6/10/2021
Posting Language: Ordinance approving a ten-year license agreement with the United States Air Force for their continued use of 10.747 acres of land area immediately west of the Kelly Field runway along Growdon Road. There is no impact to the General Fund. [Lori Houston, Assistant City Manager; John Jacks, Director, Center City Development & Operations]
Attachments: 1. Agreement, 2. Map, 3. Draft Ordinance, 4. Ordinance 2021-06-10-0442

DEPARTMENT: Center City Development & Operations                     











License Agreement with USAF for 10.747 acres on Growdon Rd.





An ordinance authorizing the execution of a ten-year license agreement between the City of San Antonio and the United States Air Force (USAF) for the continued use of 10.747 acres of land area immediately west of the Kelly Field runway along Growdon Rd., in Council District 4, for no fee during the ten-year term.  This license agreement may be terminated by either party with 90 days’ notice.





The subject 10.747 acre property has been licensed to the United States Air Force by the City of San Antonio since February 1, 2009 and is part of several hundred acres acquired by the City in 1997 as part of a negotiated settlement with the Van de Walle family.  The purpose of the proposed license agreement is to allow the USAF to continue to maintain the property in compliance with Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) guidelines regarding the control of vegetative growth within a certain proximity to the Kelly Field runway, which is used jointly by the USAF’s 37th Training Wing, the 502d Air Base Wing and civilian operators under the purview of the Port of San Antonio.





On an annual basis the USAF seeks waivers from the FAA pertaining to airfield obstructions related to, among other things, the vegetative growth on property to the west of the airfield. To assist the USAF efforts in compliance with FAA requirements and eliminating the City’s maintenance costs associated with mowing and upkeep, it has been proposed that the USAF continue to license the subject property and maintain it at their sole cost and expense.

The City does not currently have a use for the subject property. In the event a use is determined in the future, City has the right to terminate this license agreement at any time upon 90 days’ notice.





City Council could choose not to approve this license agreement, however, that action would result in either the City absorbing the costs for instituting vegetative control maintenance on the property or the USAF being in violation of the FAA guidelines.





Under the terms of the license agreement, the City will not collect any rent for the USAF’s use of the property. However, USAF is solely responsible for the costs associated with the maintenance of the property.





Staff recommends approval of this license agreement with USAF for a term of ten years.