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File #: 21-3882   
Type: City Code Amendments
In control: City Council A Session
On agenda: 6/10/2021
Posting Language: PULLED -- Ordinance amending Chapter 3 of the City Code "Airports" to allow passengers in possession of open containers of alcoholic beverages purchased from an authorized airport vendor at the San Antonio International Airport to take into areas previously prohibited. This ordinance is in alignment with the recently approved House Bill 1024 . [Jeff Coyle, Assistant City Manager; Jesus Saenz, Director, Aviation]
Indexes: Aviation Other
Attachments: 1. Revisions to Ch 3 Airports, 2. Draft Ordinance

DEPARTMENT: Aviation                     











Amendment to Chapter 3 “Airports”





This ordinance will authorize an amendment to Chapter 3 “Airports” of the San Antonio Municipal Code which sets forth the standards that all persons, businesses, and tenants conducting operations at San Antonio International Airport and Stinson Municipal Airport must abide by and provides the Aviation Department the authority to enforce these standards. The revision will update Section 3.24 to allow passengers in possession of an open container of an alcoholic beverage to possess and consume such alcoholic beverages in public areas in the airports previously prohibited.





On May 12, 2021, Governor Greg Abbott signed House Bill 1024 into law, effective immediately, to allow beer, wine and mixed drinks be included in pickup and delivery food orders. Currently, patrons at the San Antonio Airport System are limited to consuming their alcoholic beverages within the premises of the airport concessionaire from which they purchased the alcoholic beverage from.


The proposed revision will allow patrons to possess and consume alcoholic beverage within the public areas of the terminal areas without being limited to the premises of the restaurant or bar from which an alcoholic beverage was purchased. The alcoholic beverage must be purchased with food in accordance with the provisions of the Texas Alcoholic Beverage Code governing the off-premises consumption of alcohol from a vendor located within the terminal area which the vendor has been issued a valid permit or license issued by the Texas Alcoholic Beverage commission.


During the pandemic, the reduction of seating areas at restaurants and bars in the airport system meant the potential additional loss of revenue for airport vendors as passengers were not able to purchase an alcoholic beverage to take back to the seat in the hold room when seating was not available within the concessionaire’s defined leasehold. This change will allow the authorized airport concessionaires an opportunity to increase revenues and passengers to enjoy alcoholic beverages in the hold rooms while waiting for a flight.





City Council approval is required to amend the San Antonio Municipal Code. The proposed revision will allow passengers to possess an alcoholic beverage in areas previously prohibited aligned with the new state law. It will also allow the opportunity for greater revenue potential for airport concessionaires and the Airport System.





City Council has the option to not approve the revision which would result in limited areas for passengers to consume alcoholic beverages at the Airport System.





This Ordinance will amend Chapter 3 of the City Code of San Antonio. Revenues from airport activities governed by the rules and regulations ordinance will be deposited into the Airport Operations & Maintenance Fund.





Staff recommends the amendment of Chapter 3 of the San Antonio Municipal Code.