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File #: 19-5630   
Type: Plan Amendment
In control: City Council A Session
On agenda: 8/22/2019
Posting Language: PLAN AMENDMENT CASE # PA-2019-11600048 (Council District 4): Ordinance amending the United Southwest Communities Plan, a component of the Comprehensive Master Plan of the City, by changing the future land use from "Regional Commercial" to "Light Industrial" on Lot 3, Block 2, CB 4301A and from “Regional Commercial” to “Public/Institutional” on Lot 4, Block 2, CB 4301A, located at 11000 Fischer Road. Staff and Planning Commission recommend Approval. (Associated Zoning Case Z-2019-10700175)
Attachments: 1. Proposed Land Use Map, 2. Aerial Map, 3. Signed Resolution, 4. 7.24.19 Draft Planning Commission Minutes, 5. Draft Ordinance.pdf, 6. Ordinance 2019-08-22-0662
Related files: 19-5632

DEPARTMENT: Planning Department                     






SUBJECT: Plan Amendment PA-2019-11600048 (Associated Zoning Case Z-2019-10700175)


SUMMARY: Comprehensive Plan Component:  United Southwest Communities Plan 


Plan Adoption Date: August 4, 2005


Plan Update History: June 16, 2011 


Current Land Use Category: “Regional Commercial”


Proposed Land Use Category: “Light Industrial” on Lot 3 and “Public/Institutional” on Lot 4


BACKGROUND INFORMATION: Planning Commission Hearing Date:  July 24, 2019


Case Manager: Kayla Leal, Senior Planner


Property Owner: Maruchan Texas, Inc. and City of San Antonio


Applicant: City of San Antonio


Location: 11000 Fischer Road


Legal Description: Lot 3 and Lot 4, Block 2, CB 4301A


Total Acreage: 54.993


Notices Mailed

Owners of Property within 200 feet:  13

Registered Neighborhood Associations within 200 feet:  None

Applicable Agencies:  Lackland Air Force Base



Thoroughfare:  Fischer Road

Existing Character:  Secondary Arterial “Type A”

Proposed Changes:  None known


Thoroughfare:  Quintana Road

Existing Character:  Local Road

Proposed Changes:  None known


Public Transit:  There are no nearby VIA bus stations within walking distance.



Comprehensive Plan

Comprehensive Plan Component: United Southwest Communities Plan

Plan Adoption Date: August 4, 2005

Update History: June 16, 2011

Plan Goals:

                     Goal 1 - Economic Development: Attract new businesses, services, and retail establishments to the United Southwest Communities

Action Step 1.1.2: Work with the San Antonio Economic Development Foundation to solicit companies to locate and build industrial and commercial development along IH-35 South and along Fischer Road.


Comprehensive Land Use Categories

Land Use Category:  Regional Commercial

Description of Land Use Category: Regional Commercial includes high intensity commercial land uses that draw customers from a larger region. Regional Commercial uses are typically located at intersection nodes along expressways or major arterial roadways or adjacent to high-capacity mass transit system stations. These commercial nodes are typically 20 acres or greater in area. Regional Commercial uses should incorporate well-defined entrances, shared internal circulation, limited curb cuts to expressways and arterial streets, sidewalks and shade trees in parking lots, landscaped yards between the parking lot and street, and well-designed monument signage. Examples of Regional Commercial uses include movie theaters, wholesale plant nurseries, fitness centers, home improvement centers, hotels and motels, mid to high  rise office buildings, and automobile dealerships.

Permitted Zoning Districts:  O-1.5, O-2, C-2, C-2P, C-3 and UD


Land Use Category:  Light Industrial

Description of Land Use Category: Light Industrial includes a mix of manufacturing uses, business park and limited retail/service uses that serve the industrial uses. Industrial uses should be screened and buffered from adjoining non-industrial uses. Any outside storage should be under a roof and screened from public view. Examples of industrial uses include drug laboratories, furniture wholesalers, lumber yards, tamale factories and warehousing.

Permitted Zoning Districts:  BP, L, MI-1 and I-1


Land Use Category:  Public/Institutional

Description of Land Use Category: Public/Institutional includes public, quasi-public, utility company and institutional uses. Examples include public buildings (government, post office, libraries, social services, police and fire stations), schools, religious facilities, museums, fraternal and service organizations and hospitals.

Permitted Zoning Districts:  Any, as long as it is for a Public/Institutional use


Land Use Overview

Subject Property

Future Land Use Classification:

Regional Commercial

Current Land Use Classification:

Food Manufacturing and Fire Station #52


Direction: North

Future Land Use Classification:

Regional Commercial and Industrial

Current Land Use Classification:

Industrial Use, Vacant Lot, Loop 410


Direction: East

Future Land Use Classification:

Regional Commercial

Current Land Use Classification:

Car Dealership (North Park Toyota), Athletic Field and a Vacant Lot


Direction: South

Future Land Use Classification:

Regional Commercial

Current Land Use Classification: 

Housing Structures


Direction: West

Future Land Use Classification:

Industrial, Heavy Industrial

Current Land Use: 

Truck Fueling Station, Industrial Uses





Proximity to Regional Center/Premium Transit Corridor

The subject property is not located within a Regional Center nor is it located within a half-mile of a Premium Transit Corridor.  The subject property is located within the proposed Far Southwest Community Plan area, which is a Phase 5 plan area related to implementation of the SA Tomorrow Comprehensive Plan.



Staff Analysis & Recommendation: Staff and Planning Commission (8-0) recommend Approval.


Maruchan Texas, Inc. is a large manufacturing company that currently maintains a food processing facility at the intersection of IH-35 South and South Loop 410, in the City’s Extraterritorial Jurisdiction (ETJ) and in Emergency Services District (ESD) #5. In June 2012, the City Council approved a five-year Industrial District Non-Annexation Agreement (IDA) with Maruchan Texas, Inc., through Ordinance No. 2012-06-14-045.


The IDA and fire agreement were amended and extended in May 2016 until the end of 2018.  In the amended IDA, Maruchan exchanged 2.057 acres of land with the City of San Antonio for the construction of a new fire station, a small fee and continued fire services.  SAFD Fire Station #52 was built in 2017. The proposed Plan Amendment as well as the zoning case is being processed concurrently with the proposed annexation.


The current adopted future land use is Regional Commercial for both properties.  The required “I-1” (General Industrial) base zoning district for the Maruchan Property will require a plan amendment to a “Light Industrial” future land use category.  The public use of the fire station property will require a plan amendment to a “Public/Institutional” future land use category.



1.                     Recommend Denial of the proposed amendment to the United Southwest Communities Plan, as described above.

2.                     Make an alternate recommendation.

3.                     Continue to a future date.



Current Zoning:  The property does not currently have zoning due to its location outside of the municipal limits.

Proposed Zoning:  "I-1 MLOD-2 MLR-1 AHOD" General Industrial Lackland Military Lighting Overlay Military Lighting Region 1 Airport Hazard Overlay District

Zoning Commission Hearing Date:  August 6, 2019