city of San Antonio

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File #: 19-1277   
Type: Zoning Case
In control: City Council A Session
On agenda: 2/21/2019
Posting Language: ZONING CASE # Z-2018-900019 H (Council District 1): Ordinance amending the Zoning District Boundary from "R-5 AHOD" Residential Single-Family Airport Hazard Overlay District to "R-5 H AHOD" Residential Single-Family Greenlawn Estates Historic Airport Hazard Overlay District on 28.9 acres out of NCB 8417, located on Greenlawn Drive between Vance Jackson and IH-10 West at 126-127, 132-133, 137-138, 144-145, 150-151, 156-157, 162-163, 166-169, 174-175, 202-203, 208-209, 214-215, 220-221, 227, 232-233, 238-239, 244-245, 250-251, 257-260, 263, 290 Greenlawn Drive and 922 Vance Jackson. Staff and Zoning Commission recommend Approval.
Attachments: 1. Location Map, 2. OHP Memo, 3. Proposed Boundary Response Map_Greenlawn Estates_Oct 12 2018, 4. HDRC Recommendation_Greenlawn, 5. OHP Staff Recommendation and HDRC Exhibits_, 6. Letter of Support SA Conservation Society, 7. Zoning Minutes, 8. Draft Ordinance, 9. Ordinance 2019-02-21-0151
DEPARTMENT: Development Services

DEPARTMENT HEAD: Michael Shannon


Zoning Case Z-2018-900019 H

Current Zoning: "R-5 AHOD" Residential Single-Family Airport Hazard Overlay District

Requested Zoning: "R-5 H AHOD" Residential Single-Family Greenlawn Estates Historic Airport Hazard Overlay District

Zoning Commission Hearing Date: November 20, 2018

Case Manager: Daniel Hazlett, Planner

Property Owner: Multiple Property Owners

Applicant: Office of Historic Preservation

Representative: City of San Antonio

Location: Multiple properties located on Greenlawn Drive

Legal Description: 28.9 acres out of NCB 8417

Total Acreage: 28.9

Notices Mailed
Owners of Property within 200 feet: 264
Registered Neighborhood Associations within 200 feet: Los Angeles Heights Neighborhood Association
Applicable Agencies: Office of Historic Preservation, Planning Department,

Property Details
Property History: The subject properties were annexed into the City of San Antonio by Ordinance 1845, dated May 13, 1940. The properties were zoned "A" Residence District by Ordinance 1425, dated July 2, 1942. The properties converted from "A" to the current "R-5" Residential Single-Family District with the adoption of the 2001 Unified Development Code (UDC), established by Ordinance 93881, on May 3, 2001.

Topography: The property does not include any abnormal physical features such as slope.

Adjacent Base Zoning and Land Uses
Direction: North
Current Base Zoning: "O-2", "C-2", "C-3NA", "R-5", "R-5CD", "C-2NA", "C-3"
Current Land Uses: Office, Tile Store, Self-Storage, Single-Family Residences, Rehab Contractor, Law Office, Auto Repair, Car Dealer

Direction: East
Current Base Zoning: "C-2", "C-2 CD", "R-5"
Current Land Uses: Retail Center, Retail Store, Parking, Single-Family Residences

Direction: South
Current Base Zoning: "R-5", "R-4", "C-1"
Current Land Uses: Single-Family Residences, La...

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