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File #: 19-5260   
Type: Zoning Case
In control: City Council A Session
On agenda: 8/8/2019
Posting Language: ZONING CASE Z-2019-10700115 (Council District 1): Ordinance amending the Zoning District Boundary from "I-2 RIO-7E AHOD" Heavy Industrial River Improvement Overlay Airport Hazard Overlay District to "IDZ-2 RIO-7E AHOD" Medium Intensity Infill Development Zone River Improvement Overlay Airport Hazard Overlay District with uses permitted in “C-2” Commercial District on 0.353 acres out of NCB 1009, located at 207 West Cevallos Street. Staff and Zoning Commission recommend Approval.
Attachments: 1. Location Map, 2. Site Plan, 3. Ground Plan Comparison Form, 4. Zoning Minutes, 5. Draft Ordinance, 6. Warranty Deed, 7. Ordinance 2019-08-08-0606

DEPARTMENT: Development Services                     


DEPARTMENT HEAD: Michael Shannon





Zoning Case Z-2019 -10700115



Current Zoning:  "I-2 RIO-7E AHOD" Heavy Industrial River Improvement Overlay Airport Hazard Overlay District


Requested Zoning:  "IDZ-2 RIO-7E AHOD" Medium Intensity Infill Development Zone River Improvement Overlay Airport Hazard Overlay District with uses permitted in “C-2” Commercial District



Zoning Commission Hearing Date:  July 2, 2019


Case Manager:  Michael Pepe, Planner


Property Owner:  BOTA Partners, LLC


Applicant:  BOTA Partners, LLC


Representative:  Patrick Christensen


Location:  207 West Cevallos Street


Legal Description:  0.353 acres out of NCB 1009


Total Acreage:  0.353


Notices Mailed

Owners of Property within 200 feet: 141

Registered Neighborhood Associations within 200 feet:  Lone Star Neighborhood Association, Collins Garden Neighborhood Association

Applicable Agencies:  None.


Property Details

Property History:  The property is part of the original 36 miles of San Antonio and was originally zoned I-2.


Topography:  The property does not include any abnormal physical features such as slope or incursion in a flood plain.


Adjacent Base Zoning and Land Uses

Direction:  North

Current Base Zoning:  “IDZ”

Current Land Uses:  Residential Condominiums


Direction:  East

Current Base Zoning:  “I-2”

Current Land Uses:  Furniture Sales


Direction:  South

Current Base Zoning:  “R-6”

Current Land Uses:  Residential Dwellings


Direction:  West

Current Base Zoning:  “I-2”

Current Land Uses:  Industrial Components sales



Overlay and Special District Information:



All surrounding properties carry the "RIO" River Overlay District, due to their proximity to the San Antonio River.  The purpose of these districts is to establish regulations to protect, preserve and enhance the San Antonio River and its improvements by establishing design standards and guidelines.



All surrounding properties carry the "AHOD" Airport Hazard Overlay District, due to their proximity to an airport or approach path.  The "AHOD" does not restrict permitted uses, but can require additional review of construction plans by both the Development Services Department and the Federal Aviation Administration.



Thoroughfare:  Cevallos

Existing Character:  Local

Proposed Changes:  None Known


Public Transit:   VIA bus route are within walking distance of the subject property

Routes Served: 43, 44, 51, 54, 243, and 251 within ½ mile


Traffic Impact:  A Traffic Impact Assessment Report is not required. The traffic generated by the proposed development does not exceed the threshold requirements.


Parking Information:  The parking requirement for Commercial Gymnasium is 1.5 per 1,000 square foot gross floor area. The 9,100 square foot building requires 7 spaces in an IDZ-2. The “IDZ-2” allows the parking requirement to be reduced by 50%.






Denial of the requested zoning change would result in the subject property retaining the present zoning district designation of “I-2”. The heavy industrial district allows uses that are highly hazardous, environmentally severe in character and/or generate very high volumes of truck traffic. The district was established in order to provide sites for activities which involve major transportation terminals and manufacturing facilities that have a greater impact on the surrounding area than industries found in the L or I-1 districts. Examples of permitted uses: acetylene gas manufacturing & storage, asphalt products manufacturing, boiler & tank works, chemical process clothing manufacturing, and grain drying & milling.







The subject property is within the Downtown Regional Center and located within the Premium Transit Corridor. 



Staff Analysis and Recommendation: Staff and Zoning Commission (10-0) recommend Approval.


Criteria for Review:  According to Section 35-421, zoning amendments shall be based on the approval criteria below.


1.  Consistency: 

The subject property is located within the Lone Star Community Plan and is currently designated as “High Density Mixed Use” in the future land use component of the plan. The requested “IDZ-2” base zoning district is consistent with the future land use designation.


2.  Adverse Impacts on Neighboring Lands: 

Staff does not find evidence of likely adverse impacts on neighboring lands in relation to this zoning change request.


3.  Suitability as Presently Zoned: 

The current “I-2” Heavy Industrial District is an appropriate zoning for the property and surrounding area. However, the proposed “IDZ-2” zoning is also appropriate and downzones the property to commercial use instead of industrial use.


4.  Health, Safety and Welfare: 

Staff has not found indication of likely adverse effects on the public health, safety, or welfare.


5.  Public Policy: 

The proposed rezoning does not appear to conflict with the following goals, principles, and objectives of the Lone Star Community Plan:


LU-5: Relax development code requirements that prevent or significantly increase the cost of improving and reusing existing commercial buildings along the major corridors and redeveloping vacant and underutilized parcels; provide fee waivers and utilize TIRZ

funds to offset the costs of returning these properties to productive use.


Strategy LU-1.2: Encourage the relocation of industrial uses that do not meet the performance criteria in Table LU-1.1 to suitable locations on city-owned property located away from the plan area. Assist relocating industrial business owners with environmental clean-up expenses to prepare the vacated sites for reuse/ redevelopment.


LU-3.1 Rezone to ensure a community-scale grocery store and neighborhood-scale retail

and service businesses such as neighborhood dry cleaners, coffee shops, restaurants, pharmacies, bike shops, and fitness centers are permitted where appropriate. Utilize “special zoning districts” to reduce minimum off-street parking space

requirements to facilitate the reuse of existing sites.


The applicant’s request meets the Master Plan’s Policy for Growth Management - Policy 1g, because it makes physical improvements on an inner city property encouraging redevelopment and infill development.


The applicant’s request meets the Master Plan’s Policy for Economic Development - Goal 4, because it targets an area within Loop 410 and the southern sector.


The applicant’s request meets the Master Plan’s Policy for Neighborhoods - Policy 2b, because it creates mixed-use districts.


6.  Size of Tract: 

The subject property is 0.353 acres, which could reasonably accommodate Commercial Uses.


7.  Other Factors: 



Infill Development Zone (IDZ) provides flexible standards for developments.  IDZ is to encourage and facilitate development on vacant, bypassed lands, or the redevelopment of underutilized buildings of structures, within existing built-up areas. IDZ may be approved as either a base zoning district or an overlay zoning district.  Standards required in an IDZ district shall apply to either IDZ base zoning or the IDZ overlay district except where otherwise specifically stated.  Typically IDZ gives flexibility to parking requirements, lots sizes, and setbacks.



This property is located in the RIO-7E district. Any proposed exterior alterations associated with the proposal will require approval from the Historic and Design Review Commission. Approval of a site plan or renderings submitted as part of a zoning application does not supersede any requirements for design review outlined in Article VI of the Unified Development Code. To date, no application has been made to the Historic and Design Review Commission for this project.